Sculptor Philip Moerman (born in 1961) has already been artistically active for a long time.
As a child, Philip enjoyed drawing and his parents encouraged him to study at the Academy
of Art in Kortrijk. He founded later an Art Club with friends in Heule, where he became familiar
to various aspects of painting technique. His love for people and animals guided his work,
which can be described as “figurative”. Philip’s paintings in oil, water-color en pastel were
featured in a lot of exhibitions. With the Heule Art Circle, Philip initiated himself into the three
dimensional art. As the son of a well-know jeweler, this appeared very intuitive to him and this
led him to attend sculpture courses at the academy of Harelbeke and Menen, especially with
Bart De Zutter.  Philip decided then to start his own studio in Harelbeke. He continued to perfect
his technical knowledge with renowned artists. Irčnee Duriez, Laurant Geers and Francis Deltour
taught him bronze sculpting techniques and Isidoor Goddeeris taught him marble carving.
Philip’s studio is today located in Moorsele. He attends each week a life drawing session with a
group of artists called “Palletje”, and travels each year to Carrara, Italy to practice marble sculpting.
The sketchbook where Philip collects ideas is his main source of inspiration for new projects.
The sketches can sometimes receive afterwards a different interpretation and they can also be
mixed with other ideas. When a project is defined, all aspects of molding and casting are
examined carefully. The way how the sculpture will be exposed receives a special attention.
Philip enjoys playing with materials such as clay, plaster, wax, and bronze and is constantly
experimenting new limits. While sculpting, Philip works as much as possible with a model in order to
reach perfect human forms. His patience and creativity result in lifelike realistic sculptures of people
and animals in which feeling for detail and expression plays an important role. Some of his smaller
sculptures show unrealistic combinations where time phenomena and emotions are symbolized.